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Do We Provide Equipment?

Unless the program contains the word membership or in the sub details requires certain prerequisite equipment  to join. All Lessons include, our equipment. For Archery Lessons, this includes, bows, arrows, target faces, instructor, armguards, gloves and stringers if needed and ground quivers.

How Long is Each Archery Session?

~ 1st Initial Hour or Beginner level training: 

Includes approximately 15 to 20 minutes of  instruction. This Including identification of bows, how to string on and destring a bow, safety / rules of the range, and  procedures of using the equipment ie. loading, aiming, and firing. Once taught beginners will use a beginner's longbow to practice and shoot from 10 to 12 yards.  Further distance and techniques on compensation, will be taught once mid session.  

~ 2nd Session or Intermediate level training: 

 5 minute refresher and instruction to use a recurve bow at 20 yards. 

~ 2  intermediate, 2 advanced & 1 instinctive level training:

Each time bows will be upgraded to a heavier draw weight, building muscular strength and stamina.

after the 4/5 sessions, you will be able to shoot independently.

~Olympic Level Training:

First lesson will start with building a solid stance and anchor, after which you'll move on to learning pinpoint clicker control and proper drawing technique. Finally, learn drills to improve holding power and overall consistency. Each session will comprise of around 15 minutes instruction followed by hands-on shooting at various distance targets under direct supervision by one of our best coaches. If you already have equipment and experience come in for form and equipment check or book a one-on-one session to find and eliminate form faults and take your shooting to the next level. All coaching is based on the widely acclaimed KSL shot method, but adapted to meet the needs of individual archer.        

~ Horseman, Hunting and Instinctive shooting level training: 

Instruction and shooting is throughout the lessons were needed.

We strive to teach you the techniques & art of any type of archery only within 6 to 10 hours.

What are the Age Requirements and Parental View?

Archery ~ For ages 6 & up

Airgun ~ For ages 6 & up

Knife Throwing ~ For ages 10 & up

During the 1st session, kids 6 to 10 must be accompanied by an adult/guardian, unless they have already completed their training  program. 

Can I Pull the bow?

We carry different variety of draw weight and draw length bows to suit any age or height, which will also depend on your ability to handle the draw weight of that bow comfortably.

Do I need to book in Advanced?

It is best to call or book online in advanced for 1st timers and those who continue to shoot at our range. However, it is not mandatory and do take walk-ins. Please be aware that walk-ins are secondarily chosen if spots are available, priority does come to those that have booked.


Groups over 7 people must book in advanced by calling, to make sure that adequate space is available for the group. Most times a half deposit will be required, if we have to section off part or all of the range to accommodate the group.

I have bought a Groupon how do I go about booking it?

Before purchasing any other promo offers such as; "Groupon" Please understand that, this training  is valid only on Wednesdays  at 6pm or 7pm along with other group of 4 to 8 people , 1 bow to be shared among 2 people. Groupon booking has to be done by calling or texting us at least one week in advance. (647) 335 - 7004 with your name, (WED) date/time & 8 digit groupon code#. 

If you wish to  have a private session at any other convenient time/day , you can certainly upgrade it for  $10 /person /hour. Each individual will have independent bow to use after 15/20 minutes of instructions. 

How much does it cost?

We have Each Event listed on the top header, with the prices and details. Price sometimes depends on the type of event or events you want to participate in, the number of people and even the date of the event (weekdays or weekends) Please read thoroughly and taxes do apply on the listed prices.

Do we sell Equipment?

We do sell all archery related equipment and knives for throwing, however we do not sell airgun related equipment. Products can be seen in store.